IP CCTV System solution for a School

IP CCTV System solution for a School (Swartland High School)

IP CCTV System



IP CCTV System success story in the Malmesbury Area


Swartland High School in-house IT Department and Intro-Spec started their IP CCTV Journey as far back as July 2011. Our Strategic CCTV Consultant took the drive from Somerset West for a meet and greet with the Head of IT. After an in-depth discussion about the School CCTV requirements, we decided together that an IP CCTV System is best suited for their infrastructure.

Our main vision was to plan for potential growth of their system in the future and not just to plan for the immediate.


IP CCTV System Phase One July 2011


Monitoring the School Hallways was the first phase of our IP CCTV system design.  The most important part of the infrastructure was strategically planning the allocation of the PoE Ethernet switches throughout the different buildings. By the correct allocation of these PoE switches, it allowed us for easy future expansion of the system and saving installation costs into Phase two.


IP CCTV System Phase Two January 2014


Our first phase rendered good results moving into phase two January 2014. Our Strategic consultant again teamed up with the Schools in-house IT-Department and this time the request was security cameras for the Classrooms. Phase one’s allocation of PoE switches made phase two very easy by adding the different class room security cameras to the closest switches in the building. This again proofed an IP CCTV System was a good choice for the High School and the High Definition security cameras a good investment.

IP CCTV System Phase Three February 2016


The IP CCTV System had another opportunity to expand in February 2016, but a different challenge occurred. The request was a bit different this time. One of the School buildings was just so far away that wiring cable would be too difficult and not at all cost effective. So yes, once again after a meet and greet between our Strategic consultant and the Schools in house IT, our only feasible solution was going wireless and needless to say this was our Solution.


The Intro-Spec Cape Town Team would like to say thank you to Swartland High School for this opportunity. We enjoy custom security solutions and this was a fun project for us. God Bless.

If you, the reader, would like to visit this Swartland High School from the Malmesbury Area. Here is there website Link: http://www.swartlandhs.co.za/


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Remember safety first, till next time.

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