Access Control Solution for a Church

Access Control Solution for a Church (Voice Ministries)

Access Control 1

Access Control success story in the Helderberg Area

Voice Ministries in Koorzen Centre Gants Plaza, contacted Intro-Spec requesting an access control solution for the Church Bathrooms. The Ministries challenge was that the bathrooms are situated just outside the entrance of the Church foyer and their main concern was, that by leaving the Foyer door unlocked through the service for the people attending, is an unsafe option.

After a meet and greet with the Pastor of Voice Ministries, our Strategic Consultant advised installing a Magnetic Lock Access Control System at the Foyer door triggered by wireless remote and exit button at the door.

This was a practical cost-effective solution for the Church and the work was awarded to us.

Access Control 2

Access Control LED warning Light.

We also designed the Access Control System with a Blue Led light on the outside of the Foyer door, indicating to the person returning from the Bathroom that the Maglock was released and that they may enter. The Sound Desk inside the Church was fitted with a small video monitor allowing the operator to monitor the CCTV Camera at Foyer door. The operator then can trigger the door wirelessly via remote giving access to the visitor outside.

Access Control 3

The Intro-Spec Cape Town Team would like to thank Voice Ministries for this opportunity. We enjoy custom security solutions and this was a fun project for us. God Bless.

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Remember safety first, till next time.

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